Celebrity stylists encourage sustainable fashion for Oscar night

LOS ANGELES -- Ahead of the Oscars, a pop-up shop in Los Angeles is letting people rent luxury gowns, with an eco-friendly twist.

Armarium is helping people reduce their consumer footprint while staying on trend.

When the biggest names in Hollywood hit the red carpet on Oscar night, their gowns and tuxedos always steal the show. But one of the biggest trends sweeping across awards season is sustainable gowns and practices.

Tara Swennen is a celebrity stylist responsible for all the looks you see on Academy Award winner Allison Janney. She's also a member of Armarium's style brigade.

The luxury clothing rental company is working to make luxurious fashion sustainable, as the fashion industry is one of the leading polluters in the world.

"We're all trying to band together to help the situation because I hate saying it but the fashion industry is quite a destructive industry. And everything that we can do -- renting and reusing clothes that are already in existence -- it really helps diminish our consumer footprint," Swennen said.

Armarium is one of many companies taking part in the Green Carpet Challenge to highlight sustainable fashion and methods. And while some stars prefer to wear vegan clothing lines, even renting clothing is one way to reduce your consumer footprint.

"The beauty of a rental is that this is here, it's vintage. So even though it might not be that old, I would much rather you rent it, than purchase something new," Swennen said.

She also emphasizes that being ethical doesn't mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. It's simply part of the conversation when deciding how to dress for the big night.

The West Hollywood Armarium pop-up store is open until Feb. 24.

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