Waco shooting puts upcoming La Marque biker rally's safety in spotlight

LA MARQUE, TX (KTRK) -- The biker organization that held the May 17 meeting at Twin Peaks in Waco is scheduled to host another meet-up at a La Marque bar in a few weeks.

The Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents will meet at The Copper Top Ice House June 13.

Bar owner John Berlitz said he is not concerned about hosting the biker meetup.

"Not at all, not at all. We have all different kinds of groups that come here, like I said, my own mother comes here; different motorcycle groups, independents, they're all welcome here," Berlitz said. "There's never been any problem here whatsoever, so we're not concerned. All are welcome through these doors to enjoy and have a good time."

The COC&I released the following statement: "We as a community have worked very hard over the years to build a place of trust and collaboration no matter what you ride or whether or not you choose to wear a patch or are an independent in our great state of Texas. We as a community hope the public will not judge all of us by the actions of those responsible for the senseless violence that unfolded in Waco."

Berlitz said bikers are good people.

"Anytime we do benefits, a friend's got cancer or something, the bikers are really good at getting together, riding together," he said.

La Marque Police Chief Kirk Jackson said he will notify local law enforcement agencies to be on stand-by in La Marque when this biker meet-up happens. He said they will not intervene as long as everyone is following the law.
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