Quanell X suspended Dallas shooter from New Black Panther Nation

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Community activist Quanell X once expressed concerns about the mental health of the Dallas shooter.

Community activist Quanell X expelled the suspected Dallas gunman from an activism group over concerns about his mental health, Quanell X tells Eyewitness News.

Micah Johnson, the suspected gunman in Thursday's shooting in Dallas, spent six months in Houston studying with the New Black Panther Nation. Quanell X founded the organization in Houston in 2008 after serving with the New Black Panther Party for several years.

Quanell X said he wanted to go in a less radical direction.

He said 25-year-old Micah Johnson became a member of the New Black Panther Nation in Houston under Quanell's leadership but was later suspended.

"And when I heard that the brother had been in Afghanistan, then I told those of us in leadership, this brother's probably suffering from PTSD and that he probably has some mental health issues," Quanell X said. "Watch the brother, stay on top of the brother, just to make sure something happens with the brother."

Quanell X said Johnson refused to listen to leadership and urged the group to become more radical and buy more ammunition. As a result, Quanell X suspended Johnson from the group.

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"I didn't say 'expelled' for a reason. I said 'suspended' so he wouldn't blow up. I said 'suspension,'" Quanell X said, "meaning there's a possibility to work your way back. But I always knew I was not going to let the brother back until I could see a significant change in his mental stability."

Quanell X said he never notified the police that Johnson could be dangerous because he didn't think Johnson would do anything violent.

"He never said anything that would make me believe, even remotely on the worst day that he would do something like he did in Dallas, Texas," Quanell X said.
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