PHOTOS: Couple weds on train

CHICAGO, IL -- A Chicago couple found a unique venue for their weekend wedding. They married on board a Chicago Transit Authority train.

The bride, Sandra Grigoletti, admitted to being a bit obsessed with the "L." She has the CTA map tattooed on her arm. The groom, Eric D'Asto, also loves the CTA, chartered a train for their wedding.

D'Asto and 25 guests boarded an inbound Orange Line train at Midway and waited for the bride to make her grand entrance. She boarded at Halsted, wearing a strapless gown and a CTA-themed veil, and the couple exchanged vows.

"It allowed us to take out-of-town friends and show them around to stuff that is important to us and show them our city. How cool it that?" Grigoletti said.

For anyone who would like to follow in this Bridgeport couple's footsteps, there's information on the CTA website about renting trains for parties and other events.
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