Mother delivers own baby in car dealership bathroom

PITTSBURGH, PA (KTRK) -- A Pennsylvania mother was put to the test when she was forced to suddenly deliver her own baby in the bathroom of car dealership.

Amanda Sherman had stepped into the bathroom at #1 Cochran Nissan, where her husband Adam was has having their car serviced, when she suddenly went into labor.

"I'm getting ready to come out when I decided something wasn't right, so I sat back down and that's when I discovered that I was having the baby, so I delivered her myself," Amanda told WTAE-TV.

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Amanda frantically tried to text Adam for help, but the baby was born before she could even finish typing the message.

"By the time I figured out what she was trying to send me in the text message, somebody came running in to service area and was like, 'Somebody's wife just delivered a baby in the bathroom,'" Adam recalled.

While employees called 911, Adam pulled the shoelace out of his boot to tie up the umbilical cord until paramedics arrived.

Doctors have given both mom and baby Heather a clean bill of health, and the family is extremely grateful to the dealership employees for their assistance.

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"I'm definitely going to buy another car there. I know that for a fact," said Adam. null
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