Man wearing only boxers caught burglarizing Hardin feed store

HARDIN, TX (KTRK) -- A man robbed a feed store in Hardin wearing nothing but his boxer shorts.

Security cameras caught the escapade on tape. It happened Saturday, July 18 around 3am.

The video shows a man wearing no shirt and no shoes walk toward Maci Feed and Supply store with a plastic bag covering his head. He removes the bag and walks off camera. The indoor camera catches him falling through a window and landing on a pile of tools.

Connie Campbell owns the store.

"The video shows that he came through this window, and fell backwards. His hand fell right here -- He has to be very sore -- on this rod," Campbell said. "He jumped up with the rod and went directly to this case."

That case was full of guns. Video shows the man beat the top of the glass case with a metal rod without breaking the glass. Then he tries another part of the glass and breaks through.

Liberty County Sheriff's investigators said the suspect got away with three handguns, all while wearing only his boxers.

"Maybe it was a hot night and a lot of hard work," Captain Ken DeFoor said, "Who knows."

DeFoor said he has seen a lot of strange things in his years in law enforcement. This case ranks pretty highly on his list.

"You always wonder why. If in fact the young man was wearing only his underwear when he broke into the place," DeFoor said, "Why was he doing this? What prompted it?"

DeFoor said investigators have identified a person of interest. Campbell said she knows who it is, and that the young man used to play t-ball with her grandson.

"I hope that being caught that it will prevent someone's life from being taken and that he will pay for his crime and be done with it," Campbell said, "And turn away from a life of crime."

No arrests have been made, but investigators think it is only a matter of time.

As comical as the video may seem, the possible charges are no joke.

"It's a very serious crime," DeFoor said, "It can go beyond state charges, possibly even federal charges."

Campbell said she tries to learn from everything that happens to her. In this case, she plans on taking her guns off display for good.
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