Lamar CISD investigating driver attack on school bus

RICHMOND, TX (KTRK) -- Three students are accused of violently attacking a Larmar CISD bus driver, but it's the driver who is left answering a question -- Why was he carrying a knife?

"It was like really crazy," said one student.

Chaos erupted Monday afternoon on that Lamar CISD school bus.

"One of the students threw something at the bus driver. The driver told three students to come to the front and sit down," another student told us.

Students who were on the bus say one of the students wouldn't move seats and that's when the bus driver stopped the bus and things turned violent.

"He says, 'Come do something, come do something' with the student. The student comes up to the bus driver and pushes him and the bus driver then put the student in choke hold. He went like this and slammed him on the ground," added another witness.

Witnesses say other boys jumped in and started beating the bus driver.

"They were like swinging and all that extra stuff I didn't want to get hit. The bus driver was on the ground when the student started to stomp him in his head," said student Daja Gayton.

Covering his head and no other way to get out, the bus driver pulls out his pocket knife. School officials say he didn't use it and only pulled it out to scare the students away.

"When he pulled out his knife I was scared," said one student.

"I thought he was trying to kill the student," added another witness.

Police showed up and rectified the situation. Investigators on the case say the three students will face assault-related charges, but it's unlikely the bus driver will face charges. null
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