How to investigate the amusement and water parks your family visits

It's Labor Day -- the last splash of summer.

The Investigative Team at ABC-13 wants to give you the tools to make sure sure you are as safe as can be during this last, sunny three-day weekend.

Are you taking your children to splash and amusement parks this upcoming weekend? If so, we can show you how to investigate if the rides at those parks are safe, inspected and insured.

There are two steps:

Searching the list kept by the Texas Department of Insurance of inspected rides, which is updated monthly.

The list is here: Search by the park you are going to by clicking here.

Also, there is a sticker on each ride that's been inspected. Here's what it looks like. Give it a check when you are at the park. It has lots of info, included when the inspection took place.

Here's what the sticker looks like.

Keep in mind that not every ride needs to be inspected. Most slides are, for example. But inflated tubes on a 'lazy river' are not.

We're happy to help walk you through this process. If you have questions, contact us through our website at or contact our investigative producer Trent Seibert at
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