Honest men return money-filled wallet back to rightful owner

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This is one of those stories that'll restore your faith in other people!

It was a regular quick lunch break for Gloria Vasquez.

"I came in and glad it was slow," she says.

She ordered her usual sandwich at the Potbelly's in Memorial City. Though she's on a diet, Gloria ordered that tempting vanilla milkshake.

"When I got the shake, I was just like focused on that and just forgot," she added.

She left her purse right on the counter. Inside her wallet was more than $2,000.

"It was my mortgage payment and my husband's uncashed checks," she said.

Gloria went back to work, but didn't realize she had lost her wallet until it was time to clock out.

"I looked everywhere and even was digging in the trashcan," she said.

Then it hit her.

"I thought the last place was that counter," added Gloria.

"I didn't sleep that night," said Gloria.

But across town, Dayland Henderson was on a quest himself.

"As soon as I saw it, I was like we've got to find this lady," he said.

John Correar had turned in the wallet to Henderson, who's a manager.

"I called 411 because the address was on the check," said Henderson.

No luck. So Henderson turned to Facebook, scrolling for Gloria Vasquez.

"I matched it with the ID pic. I was scrolling and then I see the red dress and was like that's her," he explained.

He sent Gloria a message, as well as her family members, but still no response. Gloria called the store first thing the next morning and spoke with another manager.

"She calls me back and says good news," she said.

Her wallet was safe and sound, though she had to pick it up from Henderson's apartment.

"He didn't have a vehicle. His car was flooded out when we had the flood. So he takes Uber to work," said Gloria.

"It could've helped a lot. My wife is 6 months pregnant," said Henderson.

But he did the right thing.

"The company--that's all they teach. Integrity. Integrity," said Henderson.

And in the end, integrity got him a whole lot more than $2,000. Gloria and her coworker started a GoFundMe page and collected donations for his little baby girl on the way.
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