California grandma buried in wrong vault, family says

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A family is upset after finding out their grandmother was interred in the wrong vault. (KTRK)

A family in east Los Angeles is voicing their outrage after learning their grandmother was interred in the wrong vault.

KTLA reports Maria Mercedes Solorio's body was buried in the wrong place and the funeral home has admitted there was a mix-up.

The family says they were told the funeral home mixed up the bodies because another woman who died looked like their grandmother and had a very similar name.

However, the family says they believe the funeral home is lying to them because the dates and details don't add up to them. They say they want to see their grandmother's body.

"We need closure. That's all we need," relative Jenny Guido Barajas said. "We need the lies to stop."

A spokesman for Funeraria Latino Americana issued a statement to KTLA, apologizing for the mistake.

"The funeral home is very sorry for this honest mistake. Within two hours of the discovery of the mistake both families were advised of what occurred in person at their homes through a personal visit by two of the managers of the funeral home," Daniel Friedenthal wrote in the email. "All necessary steps have been undertaken to immediately rectify this situation."

Friedenthal continued, writing that, "Due to the very sensitive nature of the grieving process when a loved one passes and out of respect for the families during this difficult time, no further comments will be made at this time."

However Solorio's family is hoping to say their final goodbyes. At this time, it's unclear when that will happen. Solorio's husband, a grandfather in his 90s, made a cross for his late spouse and he's waiting for her service.

Barajas said, "He's asked, 'When are we going to put her to rest? I have made a cross for her. I'm ready.' And he can't even say goodbye to her one last time."
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