Family searching for missing nurse supervisor

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Every flyer they hand out could be the one that helps them find their loved one.

The family of Glenser, also known as Glenn, Soliman says he is a 44-year-old Filipino man who has worked as a nursing supervisor at St. Luke's Hospital for more than a decade.

His car is missing. It's a grAy BMW X5 with a memorable personalized plate that reads "CHUBEE." Relatives also say nothing was disturbed at Soliman's Spring home.

His sister Arlene Lantion said, "The house was armed properly, the only thing amiss is his bed was unmade and with him being so strict that's a no-no for him."

Soliman's loved ones have gone down the list checking hospitals, tow shops, accident reports and retracing his work route.

Relatives say Soliman is a responsible, routine-oriented person who would never just disappear like this. They believe the last person to talk with him was a church last Thursday night. He didn't show up for his overnight shift later that night.

"The iPad has an iPhone locator and it's offline. All this time we've tried the phone and it's going to voicemail directly," said Lantion.

The family has filed a missing person's report with Houston Police.
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