Escaped killer Kamron Taylor caught in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL -- After days of searching, Chicago police have taken escaped killer Kamron Taylor into custody.

He was found walking in the 9200-block of South Stony Island after police responded to reports of a suspicious person around 9 p.m. Friday, officials said. As police approached, Taylor allegedly fled and was taken into custody after a brief foot pursuit.

Taylor, 23, escaped the Kankakee County Jail and had been on the run since early Wednesday. Authorities said he never returned to his cell upon lockdown, which went unnoticed by corrections officers at the jail. He escaped by beating and strangling a jail guard and stealing his uniform.

Upon his arrest in Chicago, Kankakee County Sheriff Tim Bukowski said a tattoo and fingerprints confirmed Taylor's identity.

"He wouldn't cooperate, he wouldn't tell them his name, they call here and the initial identification was made based off some unusual tattoos that they were able to compare," Sheriff Bukowski said during a news conference Saturday morning.

Chicago police officers said they initially had no idea who they had captured.

"It was a regular routine, responding to a job, we see the offender, he ran and we chased and placed him into custody - we had no idea initially who he was, but we're happy to be able to do our job and find out who he was," said Officer Oberrian Montilla.

Police said Taylor was in possession of a handgun, and will be charged by Chicago police with unlawful use of a weapon before being turned over to the Kankakee County Sheriff's Department.

The escape has also launched a major investigation into protocol at the Kankakee County Jail.

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