Controversial Church of Lucifer vandalized, grand opening still set for Friday

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Church of Lucifer vandalized before Friday's grand opening. (KTRK)

A controversial church organization setting up shop in Old Town Spring became a victim of vandalism Thursday morning. Church officials said vandals climbed on top of the roof of Greater Church of Lucifer building and sawed a large limb of a tree that hangs over the building.

"It's disheartening that we're being targeted," Co-President Michael W. Ford said. "I would call that a hate crime."

The large limb fell on top of the church building and its closest neighbors.

"It was an attempt to probably hurt our roof and try to get it shut down," Ford said. "But we're going to continue and we're not going to stop. We have the right to be here."

Michael W. Ford is one of two co-president's of the Greater Church of Lucifer. The organization's foundation is based on his books.

"Our aim is self-liberation. Attaining what we want, breaking dogmatic chains, and then striving to knowing yourself and use balance within our lives to attain and master what we seek," Ford added. "It's not devil worship. Luciferians would find it insulting to bow before Lucifer or any type of deity."

When it opens Friday, it'll be the national organization's first building anywhere in the country.

"I've watched people pray the last couple of nights. There's a gentleman that walks back and forth for about three or four hours a day. It's going to be something," Joey Kinder said.

He just leased the building next door for his woodworking business. About half of his merchandise is engraved wooden crosses. In fact, his front window will be filled with those crosses. While he says he doesn't agree with the theology of his neighbors, he believes to each his own.

"They're here. They're not disturbing anybody. They're minding their business."

And he says maybe the most extreme critics should do the same.

"Cutting down the tree in the middle of the night, that's just taking it too far," Kinder added.

Church officials said they will take shifts keeping watch throughout the night. The first meeting, which is a ticketed event, starts Friday evening. Security will be in place for the protesters that may show up.
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