Bottles and blows: Road rage turns into street fight

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Two brawling women literally had to be pulled apart by eyewitnesses at a busy West Harris County intersection Thursday morning.

A stunned driver recorded the fight on her cell phone. She says she was heading home when traffic came to a halt. She saw two women throwing water bottles at one another. By the time she could creep up and get her phone out to record, it was a full-out fight.

The brawl happened at the busy Mason and Franz Road intersection.

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The guys at Famous Fades Barber Shop right next to where the fight happened couldn't believe their eyes.

ABC13 showed Kevin Falls the video as he was getting his hair cut.

"It's always road rage right here on Mason," Falls said. "I actually had an altercation with a guy right here with a gun. So it ain't nothing really new. But this is wild right here."

As the two women fought in the left turn lane, several other drivers tried to step in and break up the fight. The women in the video haven't been identified.

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"I'm just concerned. I'm concerned for the community," said nearby resident Jewell Lopez. "People upset you every day and you have to just keep going. We can't be stopping and getting into these types of altercations. It's not appropriate. It's not safe," said Lopez.

According to Falls, nothing should make someone get into it like this: "...because this is embarrassing, number one. And number two, everyone else is seeing what's happening to you. So who's winning in the situation? Nobody is."

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