Pokemon Go players giving back via event donations

CONCORD, NH (KTRK) -- New Hampshire has a new way to play the most popular game on the planet: Pokemon Go players in Concord and Manchester launched Poke Aid, a Facebook group that asks players to bring a canned food item or cash to Pokémon Go gatherings.

Dave Roehrid, a Poke Aid organizer, said, "All walks of life are playing this game, walking around getting exercise. We figured we'd hit on the popularity and collect for organizations."

At two events, the organization collected $67 and 301 canned food items.

Poke Aid has bags of food on hand for needy people players often see in parks and at landmarks.

"If they come by and need something to eat, we can give them a little meal," Roehrid said.

It fits with the group's motto - a play on 'gotta catch 'em all': "Gotta help 'em all."

The idea of playing it forward is really spreading, WMUR reports. Other groups are forming in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Roehrid said, "Pokemon has changed so many people's lives...And I just want to be a part of that and change people's lives."
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