Nancy Pelosi in Houston touting infrastructure plans, including massive ship channel makeover

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined local leaders to talk about infrastructure projects, including an ambitious one that could transform the Houston Ship Channel.

"We see the Port of Houston as a place where infrastructure, trade, good jobs, protecting the environment, workforce development all come together," Pelosi said.

The Port of Houston proposal would increase the channel's width and depth, essentially creating a two-way highway instead of a one-way street.

Pelosi and Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia hosted a round-table discussion with local leaders, and were joined by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

It came as part of the Democrat's proposed $760 billion Moving Forward Framework, which would outline where funds should go over the next five years and create a foundation for legislation. But, if the ship channel project is approved by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Pelosi said it could move forward even if the legislation fails.

"This project won't wait for that, because it has its own life," she said.

While both Democrats and Republicans have emphasized the importance of infrastructure, no comprehensive policies have survived in recent years.

"Obviously, a lot of things are still a moving target," Representative Sylvia Garcia said.

Pelosi said, they're not counting out bipartisan cooperation with the Republican-led senate, even though it's a heated election year.

"We'll pass our bill, maybe they'll pass their own bill and we'll go to conference. I think it's something we can do. We can work together with the administration on this," Pelosi said.

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