Men with fishing boat search in the dark for Buffalo Bayou flood victims

HOUSTON, Texas -- Under a blanket of darkness, four men from Tyler armed with lanterns and a fishing boat are searching for flood victims along Dairy Ashford.

In spite of the possible risks and the jobs they have back at home, the team set out to help however they can, taking the boat into the rising waters of the Ashford Forest subdivision.

Before they pushed off past the neighborhood's front entrance, they whispered a prayer.

That appeal to God appears to be working, finding no one in distress or with medical emergencies so far.

The Harris County Flood Control District said the neighborhood was one of many along Buffalo Bayou that was of concern.

Water released from the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs began flooding homes in this community today.

WATCH: Neighbors near Dairy Ashford wonder how high the waters will rise

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Residents along Buffalo Bayou are watching floodwaters rise near Dairy Ashford.

The same scene was expected to play out from Dairy Ashford to Piney Point, HCFCD said earlier Tuesday.

As the volunteer rescuers have made their way through the neighborhood, there have been some tense moments where they thought someone was in trouble.

A car with an electric malfunction was found empty, although it certainly appeared someone might be inside because the headlights were on and the horn was going off.

There are a great number of vehicles found abandoned, submerged in the floodwaters.

At some houses, you can see furniture stacked on top of tables or raised up through the windows, a sign residents had at least some time to prepare their belongings before evacuating the neighborhood.

A sign was found at one home as a warning to looters, saying the homeowner was still inside with a gun, and that anyone who thought twice about breaking in would be dealt with aggressively.

For now, things are quiet in the stillness of the night, and the volunteers will continue their search until they are satisfied no one is in need of help.

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