People of Memorial Park: Stories from the beloved trails through the years

Stacy Holden fell in love with Memorial Park from an early age. She finished her first marathon at the age of 12, ran competitively through high school and college, and now runs at the park multiple times a week.

But it wasn't until she was an adult that Stacy started really connecting with her fellow runners on the trails.

She realized it wasn't just runners training for their next marathon. Families, joggers, walkers - tens of thousands of people from all races, ages, genders and backgrounds coming to the same place every day.

Stacy wanted to share the sense of community with the world and came up with the "People of Memorial Park" blog. She shares stories from the trails, including a husband who put the park above all else and had to learn to reprioritize, a woman who had to learn to walk again and now runs marathons, and the famous "Bird Man".

You can learn more about the "People of Memorial Park" blog and book at Stacy's website. You can also follow the page on Facebook for new stories every week.

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