Your questions answered about primary care and vaccines

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

We were live on September 22 with physicians from Memorial Hermann Medical Group to answer your questions about the importance of primary care and vaccines.

Watch it live on our ABC13 Facebook page or below:

Speaker: Dr. James Truong, MD. Family Medicine, Primary Care

After earning his bachelor's degree from Houston Baptist University, James Truong, MD, completed his medical degree at UTMB School of Medicine at Galveston. He completed his family medicine residency at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program in San Antonio.

As a child, Dr. Truong suffered from asthma, which was treated by a very compassionate physician. His physician treated him as a person, with kindness, by carefully answering all of his questions and educating him on his illness. At that time, he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to practicing medicine and healing patients with the same compassion as his own physician. Board-certified in family medicine, Dr. Truong treats patients of all ages ranging from young children to older adults. He focuses on preventing life-changing illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Patients may also see him to help manage chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, allergies and asthma. He can also help with acute problems such as sprains, febrile illnesses and sinus disease. Additionally, he can perform in-office procedures, which can be used to help treat joint pain and skin conditions. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking and cooking. For more information on James Truong, MD, click here.

About Memorial Hermann Medical Group

Memorial Hermann Medical Group (MHMG) Clear Lake provides the highest-quality care for patients in the Bay Area. Their specialists in family medicine and general surgery focus on precise diagnosis and up-to-date treatment, but the heart of their practice is caring and empathetic relationships with patients of all ages - newborns to seniors. Memorial Hermann Medical Group.