Bird lovers flock to Matagorda County

BAY CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- Spring is one of our favorite times in SE Texas, and nature lovers from all over are heading to Matagorda County.

The county lies on a migration path for birds, so you'll find more species there than at any other place in the country during this time of year.

"Last year I shot over 200 different species in the county and a lot of these, I had people saying, 'I've never seen this in my life,'" explained wildlife photographer Greg McMullin. "It gets in your blood, I suppose, and it becomes part of you. You just kind of eat it and breathe it."

During this pandemic, the Matagorda County Birding Nature Center has been busier than ever

"We made the decision to stay open because we felt like people needed a place so that they could get outside," said Board President Eva Malina. "There are so many people who live in apartments and just have no access to outside space. We noticed as the pandemic got longer and longer, more and more people were coming out because they discovered we were here.'

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