Watch this Marine's emotional surprise reunion with his little brother

An enlisted Marine and his little brother shared an emotional reunion when the soldier made a surprise appearance after being away from home for six months.

Tyler missed his older brother, even though he had become used to Nick being away from the family's home in Washington state, according to the boys' mom, Wendie Willis. So when Nick got a chance to come home, he wanted to make his arrival a special moment for Tyler.

Tyler had a feeling there might be a surprise coming his way when his family began recording video, but he was shocked when Nick walked out from a doorway behind him. Tyler was immediately overcome with emotion and buried his head into his "My Brother is a Marine" t-shirt. Crying, he ran over to his big brother and gave him a monster hug.

More than 1.5 million people have watched the touching moment unfold since Willis posted the video to YouTube.

"Now THAT is something I love to see. Love this [video]," one viewer wrote. "Love the emotion in the dad's voice. Love that bond between the brothers."

"Instantly, I bust out in tears too, just when he did," wrote another. "Still there, two big fat tears hanging onto my cheeks...for dear life...that is love there...that is so cool. Praying for Big Brother to return safe and healthy! God bless you all :)"
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