Man shares Memorial Day weekend beach advice after getting stung by stingray in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man was stung on his left ankle by a stingray in Jamaica Beach Wednesday night.

The man said the pain was immediate. He made a quick phone call to a friend who rushed over with some remedies.

He was able to get the blood cleaned up in time before there was any serious risk of infection.

Experts advise people to shuffle their feet in the water to avoid stepping on stingrays.

The man said he usually wears protective boots and the water is typically clear enough to where you can spot the stingrays, but that night, he was fishing so it was hard to distinguish.

"It felt like a high voltage electric shock," he said. "Kind of stunned me for a few seconds, and about that time, I kind of regained my senses."

Despite the incident, he said he doesn't feel any different about fishing and will continue his weekly fishing routine.

"It can happen to anybody, you know you spend enough time out there," he said.

He also advises people going to the beach to wear neoprene rubber boots and avoid getting in the water barefoot.
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