Houston mortuary houses outstanding collection of African-American art

HOUSTON, Texas -- A mortuary is not typically a place you'd go to see impressive works of art, but did you know one local mortuary has an outstanding collection of art, all created by local African-American artists?

In honor of Black History Month, some lucky students got to tour the extensive art collection in the most unlikely of places.

"When I first thought mortuary, I was like.. ? But learning about it was an interesting experience," said one student.

"We've incorporated history, we've incorporated art, elements that are a positive distraction when a family is coming here," said Justin Mabrie of the Mabrie Memorial Mortuary.

Mabrie Memorial Mortuary hosted a field trip to honor black history month, inviting students from Attucks Middle and Yates High schools to view the collection. All of the original works of art are by prominent local African-American artists.

"Essentially this is a museum in itself where the artists can exhibit, permanent exhibit that the public can enjoy. They aren't going to see such a collection of art anywhere in Houston," said Robbie Lee, museum curator.

"The idea was to be a positive reflection of what the community could produce," said Mabrie.

"I definitely learned more about art in general, about the culture, significance, symbolism, how a lot of thought goes into the art pieces that are chosen," said Yates student Krystal Thompson.

A new perspective on Houston's black community of artists and business owners.