Photographer documents local heroes during COVID-19 crisis

Photographer Lauren Hillary is documenting heroes in Orange County, CA during the coronavirus pandemic in a photo series she is calling "The Uprisers." Her subjects consist of doctors, local business owners, animal rescuers and anyone helping out their community during this time.

"As a photographer and visual storyteller, I really wanted to document what was going on, and witnessed all the amazing people, inspiring people in our community," said Hillary.

"I'm just creating a body of work documenting history in the making." Megan Allen, a local dog rescuer, told Localish. "I feel completely honored to be a part of it. I've seen a lot of great work that she's done."

"I love meeting these people. I get so inspired about how much they're helping out in the community, and how selfless they are...For me this is what's keeping me going," said Hillary.

You can view her work via her Instagram.