Post office holds couple's mail after chihuahua complaint

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Ginger the Chihuahua may be small, but she's causing big problems between her owner, Jessica Rocha, and the Post Office.

"My dog is defenseless, she's very nice," Rocha said. "She likes people."

In June, Rocha received a notice from the Post Office requesting she confine her dog or keep it on a leash. She says she complied, for the most part.

"After that letter was sent to us, one of the times she would be out there using the restroom because she likes to go in the front yard a lot, and the mail carrier passed by or he was in the area delivering mail, and that's when it all started again," Rocha said.

Rocha's mail carrier suddenly stopped delivering her mail all together more than a week ago.

She and her husband went to her local post office to clear things up with a supervisor, but instead, they left frustrated and empty-handed.

"My husband asked her, 'We can't even pick up our mail?' and she said, 'No,'" Rocha said. "I'm angry. I feel like the US Postal Service needs to investigate before they decide to hold someone's mail."

Rocha says now, she's keeping her dog on a leash and hoping her mail will be back soon.

"It takes a toll on someone's life because you depend on your bills to arrive to your home and it's not being done," Rocha said.

USPS issued the following statement:

"We apologize to our customer who has not received mail delivery at her home. This customer has a dog in her yard, which has chased the letter carrier, on more than one occasion. Precautionary measures were established to protect the letter carrier from a dog attack. Today, a local manager will deliver all of her mail and require the customer to sign a letter to restore normal mail delivery and restrain her dog when the carrier delivers the mail."

Rocha maintains that her dog has never been aggressive.

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