Trash illegally disposed in northeast Houston has residents in the dumps

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Stacks of tires, piles of trash. Even an old, rotted fishing boat.

It's a view that Rolethial Mckelvey wishes she didn't have. And it's a view that is all too common around Houston.

Just last month there were 945 reports citywide of nuisance properties awaiting cleanup, meaning a view of discarded tires, dumped furniture and tall weeds for many residents, records show.

In Harris County, outside the city limits, 245 nuisance properties were reported, county officials said.

"Please just help us out," Mckelvey told ABC-13. "Don't think about the finances, don't think about the money, just come and help us out and clean up our neighborhood so we can have a good neighborhood."

Her home is located in northeast Houston, near a seldom-used road near North Green River Drive.

Vacant properties along this stretch of road, marked with 'No Dumping' signs have been an illegal dumping ground for nearly 10 years, she said.

Reva Fields and her husband live nearby too and agree that the dumping has gone too far.

"It's a mess," she said. "We need some cameras out here. People are even dumping dead dogs."

Mckelvey and Fields live in Houston Council District B, represented by City Councilman Jerry Davis.

Davis' team said the quickest way to clean up a mess like this is to call 311, get a 'service request number' and then asked to be transferred to your city council member.

If you're not in the city proper, operators at 311 will let you know, officials said.

Fields said she's tried calling 311 but has not seen results. She's hopeful the mess can be cleaned up this time, she said.

Do you have discarded tires, illegal dumping or nuisance properties in your neighborhood? Call 311, but also let ABC-13 know.

Submit your information to the online tipline or call 713-663-8760.
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