Houston ISD to hold LGBTQ+ virtual summit this weekend

Houston ISD is hosting its first-ever LGBTQ+ summit on Saturday morning.

The virtual event will be open to all students from sixth to12th grade, as well as their parents and caregivers.

William Solomon, who leads the Innovation and Student Enrollment for the district, said this is about reaching out and providing resources about sexual orientation and gender identity to LGBTQ+ students.

"As a district, we are committed to making sure students have the tools necessary to be successful while they're with us and after they leave us," said Solomon. "HISD is a district grounded in equity."

Students and parents can register for the summit through a form from HISD.

Kennedy Loftin takes part in The Montrose Center located in Houston. More information on the organization can be found on The Montrose Center's website.

Loftin welcomed the news about the district's first LGBTQ+ summit, as he mentioned young people who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community often struggle with thoughts of harming themselves.

"They're seeing everything that is going on around them," said Loftin. "They're having some of the worst mental-health numbers we've ever seen. This is an LGBTQ+ youth mental health crisis. We all have a responsibility to do what we can so these youth don't commit self-harm or attempt suicide. Small things and small signals can make these youth feel uplifted and affirmed.

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