PHOTOS: Gorillas explore new Houston enclosure

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Four of the seven western lowland gorillas at the Houston Zoo explored their new enclosure for the first time today.

The family group, the zoo says, spent time in the area climbing a cement tree designed for the space and collecting treats hidden by zookeepers.

According to the zoo, the enclosure features an "outdoor habitat filled with lush landscape that mimics an African forest and a multi-tiered night house that includes private bedrooms, an artistic 23-foot-tall climbing tree, and a behind-the-scenes outdoor yard."

Two different groups of gorillas will be housed in the exhibit -- a family and a group of male gorillas. The two groups will alternate between two distinct spaces in the habitat.

The public can see the gorillas starting Memorial Day weekend. The zoo says the exhibit allows visitors to see the animals from many vantage points throughout the exhibit.
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