Houston Astros fan turning heads with custom wrapped sports car

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One Astros fan is celebrating the team in a sweet ride that many would love to take for a spin.

"It gets people's attention. Everybody turns around, thumbs up, high fiving, they are clapping and honking at you," Astros car owner Raf Lopez said.

Lopez of Two Way Signs first made his own custom wrap for his 2017 Corvette and it turned multiple heads the first time, so he did it again with a 2018 car.

"It caught me. I was like, 'Oh, look out at that,'" Astros fan Aaron Perrot said.

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As cool as it is and as the owner of a shop that specializes in car wraps, Lopez has the skills and ability to add an Astros logo to his car, but due to licensing restrictions he cannot do it to yours.

"We don't have the trademarks for the Astros and that stuff. So, I cannot go out and put it on everybody," Lopez said. "But this is for us, representing our hometown team."

You may not be able to get a logo on your car, but fans are welcomed to take as many pictures with Lopez's.

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