Veteran Turns to Ted after months of waiting for HOA to approve disability accommodation

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Friday, December 10, 2021
Veteran Turns to Ted after HOA won't approve disability accommodation
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When a Vietnam veteran in Cypress couldn't get his Homeowners Association to approve extensions to his driveway, he Turned to Ted.

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- When former U.S. Marine Corps Arthur Miles was deployed to Vietnam in June 1967, he wasn't there long.

After getting wounded by shrapnel, Miles said he spent 45 days in the hospital before getting deployed - and injured - again.

"The second time, I got hit in the face. (It was) a booby trap," Miles recalled. "The shrapnel's still in my face and my leg."

That was more than 50 years ago. Now, Miles is enjoying retired life in Cypress, but the disabled veteran's knees aren't as good as they used to be, especially whenever he gets in and out of his pickup truck.

He uses a walker or scooter to get around, but the driveway is too narrow so he ends up having to walk in the grass.

"I made a trail and I stumbled a few times because my knees hurt so bad," Miles said. "I don't pick up my feet as well as I - as much as I should."

He knew widening his driveway would help and he had the money to do it. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs gave him a grant to help make his home more accessible.

Miles began reaching out to the city to get approval for the work and had no issues there. But when he told his homeowner association he wanted to add just 24 inches to the sides of his driveway, he couldn't get the approval.

He filled out the paperwork the HOA asked for, but after calling, texting and visiting them in person to ask about his application status, he said they never gave him the OK.

"They never got back with me. They said 30 days, never got back - 30, 40, 45, 60, 90 (days). I was very frustrated - didn't know which way to go," Miles said.

So, he turned to Ted.

"I called you guys and within 24 hours, I got a call back apologizing. 'Sorry for the misunderstanding,'" he said. "I'd like to know what you say when that happens. I'd really love to hear what you tell them."

The HOA said they weren't aware the driveway extension request was to accommodate for a disability, but quickly approved the application after we asked them about it.

Days later, a contractor was in Miles' driveway, pouring concrete. Now, the veteran, who said you'll always see him wearing a hat or shirt representing the U.S. Marine Corps, doesn't have to worry about stumbling in the grass anymore.

"I'm able to walk on something smooth and solid instead of shuffling through the grass," Miles said. "I really appreciated that - that gave me all the peace of mind."

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