Parents raise concerns about security after brawl at Spring High School

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- An issue between two students at Spring High School sparked a brawl on campus Monday.

The entire incident was recorded on a cellphone.

Travon Thomas, 18, graduated from the school last year, but reportedly returned to the campus to defend his sister.

His 16-year-old sister, who claims she's pregnant, accused one of her male classmates of slapping her after she refused to give him a cookie.

The teen's family told Eyewitness News that the girl hit the student back. According to the unnamed male student's family, the girl slapped him first. He then allegedly slapped her, and she returned the slap.

The families say they were surprised that Thomas and his friend were able to enter the building undetected.

"There was no security officer, no hall monitor and no teacher to stop the fight," said Labbe.

"It's a security issue because this could have been way worse," said Tre Guillory, sister to the student who was beaten in the fight. "Anything could have happened further than what did."

A spokesperson for Spring ISD said school police are investigating how Thomas entered the building.

Thomas told Eyewitness News that he went through a door used by athletes.

Both families spoke with school administrators Wednesday. The teen's mother says she was told assault charges are pending on her son.

She called the incident a failure on the school district's part.

The school district spokesperson said the slapping incident was already under investigation, and a mediation session had been planned for Monday.

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