Build A Better Life: Health Tips

Build A Better Life

HCA Houston and ABC13 bring you health tips and information to help you "Build a Better Life". Learn how to be proactive in your health journey, get the latest insights and tried and true methods to keep your body in top shape, and more.

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HCA Build a Better Life: Learn all you need to know about Women's Health

TOPIC: Women's Health
Annual check-ups are important for the whole family, especially if you are a woman. Studies show that women who are primary care givers tend to neglect their own health. Taking care of yourself by starting with an annual check-up can greatly increase health, help to detect issues early, and allow you to ask questions and get feedback from a qualified professional. LEARN MORE ABOUT WOMEN'S HEALTH

TIP: Yearly Flu Shots
Yearly flu shots can be very beneficial to your health. Flu vaccines reduce the risk of having to go to the doctor with the illness by 40-60 percent. Individuals who are vaccinated have a far less chance of being hospitalized with a severe case, should they catch the flu. This included expecting mothers.GET A FLU SHOT

TIP: Exercise and Proactive Care
Fitness is an important part of keeping your body healthy, but there are several other factors involved. Whether you are dealing with a minor sports injury or need orthopedic surgery, you can trust HCA's specialists to create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. LEARN MORE

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