Vandal covers churches and buildings with swastikas and hate speech

ANTIOCH, California -- Antioch police are investigating a severe incident of vandalism, which left downtown buildings and churches covered with anti-Semitic graffiti.

Husband and wife pastors at Worship Center Antioch, Bert and Kim Moreno found obscenities and vulgar phrases spray painted on the front of their church Monday morning.

"It broke our heart, it was so disheartening and disappointing," said Pastor Kim Moreno.

Down the street, Pastor Eugene Jackson was shocked to find swastikas spray-painted on this side of his Church of Holy God.

"To see these symbols and signs of hatred and racism is disappointing," said Pastor Jackson.

The churches weren't the only places targeted. At least 20 buildings in downtown Antioch were tagged including city hall. A vandal was caught on security camera spray painting a van in the parking lot.

Police also released surveillance pictures of a possible suspect seen in the downtown area Sunday and Monday.

A mural on Fourth St. was also vandalized with swastikas and vulgarities.

Police have no motive for the tagging. At this point, authorities are not calling it a hate crime but haven't ruled out the possibility.

Bert and Kim say spray-painted words and symbols of hate don't reflect their community.

"Racism and evil don't win. We just paint over and we move on," said Pastor Bert Moreno.
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