Grocery stores roll out safety improvements to protect employees, customers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- You're going to see big changes at grocery stores starting Saturday.

To help protect shoppers and employees from the coronavirus pandemic, stores are implementing new safety changes.

Starting Saturday, H-E-B employees will wear masks and gloves. The store also installed protective screens at the registers.

At Walmart, the chain is limiting the amount of people inside to just 20 percent of the building's capacity. This means you could have to wait outside Walmart before you're allowed inside.

Costco made changes on Friday. Right now, only two people per membership are allowed inside. Costco will now close at 6:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Target is offering gloves and masks to employees. It's also going to monitor store traffic and could limit the amount of shoppers inside.

Medical experts told ABC13 that shoppers should get used to the increase safety measures because they're going to be needed for the next few weeks.

"I think the message is things are just starting to gear up now. I know it seems like it's been forever. The models are saying that things will peak in a month," Dr. Peter Hotez at Baylor College of Medicine said.

If you have to shop, there are things you can to do to keep yourself safe. Make sure you social distance.

When you get home, make sure you wash your hands immediately. Also, if you're going out, the CDC is now recommending you should wear a mask.

It is also advised not to go out in groups. If you can, limit the grocery shopping to one person in your house.

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