Good Samaritan hit by car while trying to help driver in crash

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A good Samaritan was injured in a crash in southwest Houston early Sunday morning.

A man says he was in the middle of a crash and was able to walk away unharmed, but his friend was not so lucky.

Jason Consolazio says he and his friend went to help a driver of a truck who had crashed on Main Street near the 610 Loop.

According to Consolazio, another car came up from behind them and hit his friend, pinning him underneath the truck they were trying to help.

"While we were trying to get the guy out the truck, another car smashes my friend between his car and the truck. It pushed the truck and rolled over," said Consolazio.

There are parts of the cars, including a transmission, lying on Main Street and a tree is down in the road.

According to Consolazio, his friend was taken to the hospital and it's his understanding that he is in stable condition.

Consolazio says it's hard to describe what he's feeling right now, knowing he was only about three feet away from getting hit himself.
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