Astros' George Springer opens up about life off the field

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- His home run power landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but there's a lot more to Astros phenom George Springer.

On the day we talked, Springer slept late and played hard as he considered how much life has changed since we talked last summer in Double A Corpus Christi.

"Oooh. It is much different," he said.

George Springer III has taken the major leagues by storm, delivering homeruns and dances in a daily celebration of all things baseball.

"That's the only place where being 24 and being a kid is allowed," he said.

This kid embraces his new home, far from his native Connecticut.

"It's hot! It is hot. It's probably the hottest place I've ever been to, but it's awesome," he said of his new city.

Springer's baseball answers are short, like his assessment of "the catch" in Arlington.

"It gets hit. I'm supposed to go get it," he said.

But he opens up when he talks about his mom, dad and two sisters.

"They're everything. I try to be like them and go about my day and be them," he said.

But his tone changes when he talks about the family's backyard games that sparked his competitive fire.

"Win at all costs and don't let anybody else win. Yup," he said.

You think his home runs travel? His family's still looking for a souvenir Springer launched when he was growing up.

"Croquet. I had to win that so bad to the point where if I was getting beat I would just start hitting guys' balls all over the yard. "

Back then he was the small kid in class.

"I was 4'10", 87 pounds, as a sophomore," he said.

An 87 pound high school sophomore before everything changed.

"I went from like 5'2" to 5' 8" in a year and then went from 5' 8" to 6' 1". I gained 125 pounds and I ate," he said.

His athleticism grew with him, but his spirit has always been there. Now he's an example for children who battle a stutter.

"Embrace it. Some people stutter and others don't. You can't go out and change who I am just because I have a stutter," Springer said.

Springer smiles at the idea that he's on his way to role model status. So much has changed and he's sure that includes the Astros' fortunes.

"Hang in there guys. I promise it will get better. This is an extremely talented team," he said.
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