Football coaches using drones on the practice field

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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Ryan Baker has developed drones that can be used to video football practices

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Football coaches are always looking for an edge and a way to better prepare their players. Now they're bringing drones into the game.

Every team watches game and practice video for preparation. In the past, the cameras have been limited to the end zone and the sidelines, but not anymore.

Ryan Baker is a UT grad and CEO of Arch Aerial. He has developed drones that can be used to video football practices.

"The level of interest in the past year has been kind of crazy to see," Baker said.

These drones are not for spying, but coach-friendly mini helicopters to give teams an up top view of the action on the field.

Arch Aerial showed off their Atlas 1 at a recent Rice University practice.

"It can give you a whole new perspective how a quarterback is seeing the game, how its unfolding in front of him, at all positions because it's a new angle," Rice head football coach David Bailiff said.

Baker, who went to Cy Fair and Cy Woods High Schools was an archeology major at UT. He originally designed the drones to video excavation sites, but he quickly realized football coaches would love the dynamic view.

The drones go for under $1,000. For about $3,800 you get a backpack with everything you need - a drone, camera, batteries, charger, spare parts, and a tablet to program the drone. Arch Aerial also offers instruction classes on how to fly the drones with every purchase.