Flying cars could soon become a reality

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- A company in Las Vegas is hoping to make the flying car a product of the future. First they have to get all of their ideas off of the ground.

There is a secret facility run by a company called Kitty Hawk that is putting flying car models to the test.

"The mission of Kitty Hawk is to get everybody to fly every day, eventually to get rid of traffic," said Sebastian Thrun, CEO of Kitty Hawk.

Thrun is hoping to get the flying vehicles to go 50, 60 or even 100 mph. Right now, the ones being tested don't go that fast.

Also, Kitty Hawk is being cautious about pushing the speedometer when testing them over land, keeping it around 10 mph.

Batteries are another issue. The current ones only last 20 minutes.

Kitty Hawk has not said how much the vehicles would cost.