Florida officer breaks down recounting Stoneman Douglas school shooting response

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- For one Florida police sergeant, responding to the active-shooter call at Stoneman Douglas High school was personal.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Coral Springs Police Sergeant Jeff Heinrich was overcome with emotion as he recounted his response to a crisis unfolding while his wife and son were inside the school.

"My wife is the [Stoneman Douglas] assistant athletic director who works hand in hand with Chris Hixon, who lost his life. [Aaron] Feis was my son's football coach. So it comes on a different level for me," Heinrich said.

Heinrich was watering the school's baseball field when the gunfire rang out. When other officers arrived on the scene, he grabbed a spare vest and gun and sprang into action knowing that his loved ones could be in harm's way.

"By the grace of God, my wife and my son at opposite ends of the school - my son was out on a bathroom pass and my wife was in planning inside the girl's locker room - they both heard the fire alarm and decided to evacuate," Heinrich said as tears ran down his face.

Visibly distraught, he later left the podium and was comforted by fellow officers.

Heinrich's wife and son eventually both found each other and sheltered in place with 65 other students and teachers until they were evacuated by first responders.
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