FIVE TO FAB: How to tie a pashmina

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Hi Guys! I love to wear a pashmina when the weather starts to cool off. It brings a pop to any outfit and also doubles as a way to stay warm. While I remember several ways to wear mine, I can always use a refresher! So, I figured these tips would help you, too, for your pashmina-tying days. Enjoy looking fashionable!

First off, when working with a pashmina, don't let the ends dangle plainly. Instead, grab one corner, hold it in the air, let it fall naturally, and then drape it around your neck or work with it. It gives a cascading effect.

    1) French Tie: Fold the pashmina in half, wrap around neck with opening in front, take ends and place through loop.

    2) French Twist: Fold the pashmina in half, wrap around neck with opening in front, take one end and place through loop. Take the other end, place the end over the loop, and then through the loop. It will give a twist look!

    3) Infinity Scarf: Take the ends of the pashmina and fold in half long-ways. Then, tie the corners together from either end. This will create a big loop or infinity scar. Wrap around the neck twice and finished!

    4) Bolero: Wrap the pashmina around the back and arms. Take the ends of pashmina between the arms and waist and tie behind back. A perfect way to keep warm on a cool night.

    5) Elegant Wrap: Start with wrapping pashmina around neck from front to back. Criss cross ends in back and drape over shoulders. That's the last step for an elegant look! To wear it under a jacket, tie in the front.

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