Police want help to find parents of preschooler hurt in car crash

SEALY, TX (KTRK) -- Sealy police need your help reuniting a little girl with her family after a car crash.

Investigators say a man driving eastbound on I-10 at about 8:30am Saturday when he crashed. He had a little girl, age three or four, with him.

The girl had a broken arm and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital where she is recovering.

The driver of the car, Tidurcio Martin, was arrested. Martin, 30, faces a list of charges, including smuggling of persons and reckless driving.

The little girl was not with her parents and investigators are working to track them down. Little is known about her, but her name is believed to be Briana.

Police say Martin was taking the girl from San Antonio to Spring for $200, so she could meet with family members at a grocery store, but they never made it there.

Children's Protective Services is working to gain custody of the girl. If she is not reunited with her family, she will go to foster care.

CPS said it's difficult to get information from the child about her parents because she is so young.

Fernanda De Lara took photos of the girl. The young woman and her friends stopped at the accident to help. She said she saw Tidurcio Martin holding Adriana. He told her he was smuggling the little girl. Soon after she said Martin ran off and she helped stayed with Adriana and comforted her.

"She was just really brave and it was just really heart breaking when she told me she loved me before right before she left. It was just really sad,' said Fernada De Lara, a witness.

"The worst part is we don't even know who the child's parents are," said Detective Jason Manis with the Sealy Police Department.

CPS said it has leads in the case and is working to track down any family the little girl may have here. Police want to make sure relatives understand the primary focus is on reuniting the girl with her family.

Anyone with information on Briana can call CPS's 24-hour hotline 1-8000-252-5400. They can also visit txabusehotline.org to report tips.
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