Houston woman adopted at birth meets twin sisters for first time

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston woman adopted at birth recently discovered she has twin sisters, and the three met for the first time Saturday.

"It just felt like, finally," said Tifany Allen. "Finally, finally."

Allen was adopted as a child, and never knew she had siblings, let alone twin sisters Crista Davis and Coley Jarvis.

The sisters said they've been searching for Allen for quite some time.

"I always had this feeling there was a piece of me missing," said Davis. "I couldn't stand the thought of knowing there was someone out there who was mine that I couldn't embrace."

When Davis saw an advertisement for an Ancestry DNA kit, she knew that's how she'd find her mom's first daughter.

She received the results, and Allen's picture was there.

"It was like looking at my mother," said Davis. "My husband was asleep, and I yelled, 'I found my sister!'"

Davis said she instantly reached out to Allen online, hoping to connect.

"I Facebook stalked her," said Davis.

At the time, Allen didn't know who her sisters were, so, she ignored their requests to be friends on social media.

"LinkedIn is where they finally got me," said Allen. "Because, I answer my LinkedIn. I pay attention."

For years, Allen had so many questions about her family, then all of the sudden, she had so many answers.

The sisters said they're all neat freaks, they enjoy decorating, and consider themselves to be chatty.

"It's been so fun," said Jarvis.

The twins said they will head back home to Utah after their visit to Houston, but Allen said they won't be apart for long.

Allen said she's flying to Utah in two weeks to reunite with her mom.

"Most people grow up with their sisters, I get to meet mine," said Allen. "It's a once in a lifetime thing."

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