10 reasons to get excited about fall

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Monday, September 22, 2014
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NFL season will be a main fixture during fall Sundays.

Sorry summer enthusiasts, but fall is finally here.

The autumn season officially starts September 22nd at 10:29 P.M. EST / 9:29 CST / 7:29 PST. And while many are mourning the passing of warm beach days and comfortable clothing, others just can not wait for fall to finally get here. Whether you love spending time with your family on the holidays or can't get enough of pumpkin spice lattes, there's something for everyone to enjoy in fall. Here are 10 reasons to get excited about fall.

1. Football, Football, Football!

NFL season will be a main fixture during fall Sundays.

The wait is over, and the NFL is back. Only three weeks of professional football have passed so far, ensuring some top notch gridiron action for the next few months.

2. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest will be a great time to enjoy Germany's best food and drink.
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Whether you have German heritage or are just proud to take in the fun, Oktoberfest events will be kicking off late September into October across the country.

3. Cooler weather

Cooler temperatures will be a relief to those plaguing from intense summer heat. Plus you can bust out that great cold weather wardrobe from your closet.

2014 gave the US one of the hottest summers in recent memory, with record highs in parts of southern California and other western areas. As fall begins, you can finally break out that cold wardrobe that's been sitting in your closet and give your A/C unit a well-deserved break.

4. Marathon season

Fall will bring marathon season, the best time of year for running enthusiasts.

For those who love to give their legs and lungs a killer workout, fall is heaven, as it promises some of the best running events of the year. Plus the crisp weather is very welcoming as runners tie up their shoes and head for a sprint.

5. Colored leaves

Fall will bring vivid displays as leaves change into their best and brightest colors.
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They may be a pain to rake, but watching as trees shine their bright, colored leaves is one of fall's greatest pleasures.

6. Holidays galore

Halloween and Thanksgiving are holidays that many people look forward to in Fall.
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Fall is home to the holidays, with Halloween on October 31st and Thanksgiving on November 27th. Plus the December holiday shopping season is always a joy to partake.

7. Fall TV season

The Fall TV season will promise some electrifying new shows.

For viewers who have been getting tired of summer reruns, fall promises a fresh new slate of shows to appeal to all of your dramatic and comedic sensibilities. (Psst: Love ABC shows? Check out our fall premieres page).

8. Award-worthy movies

Fall is also when you can enjoy some of Hollywood's most award-worthy movies.
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Fall is typically the time of year when the studios hold onto their best films to compete in awards season. So expect to see some Oscar-worthy flicks in theaters come October.

9. Pumpkin everything

From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin flavored beer, there's plenty of the orange plant to satisfy your taste buds.
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Whether you've been getting your morning caffeine fix on pumpkin spice lattes or have been kicking back with a delicious new pumpkin brew, your taste buds will savor the sweet orange spices of fall.

10. Early ski season

While the best snow won't be around until Winter, ski and snowboard enthusiasts can get an early jump on their powder fix in mid-November.
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Skiing is more typically associated with winter months, but many resorts in the U.S. will open mid-November, promising some fresh fall powder.