Elephant keeps breaking sprinkler so she can play in the water

ByCrystal Isaac KTRK logo
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Elephant Sprinklers
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This elephant playing in the sprinkler is basically a big kid

THAILAND (KTRK) -- Rescued elephant, Faa Sai loves her new life at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, and the one thing she loves to do above all else: break the sprinkler system.

Employees say Faa Sai discovered a long time ago that when the sprinklers are working correctly, they're not nearly as fun. Employees claim she deliberately breaks the sprinklers to enjoy her own personal water park.

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The Elephant Nature Park uploaded this video on YouTube of Faa Sai frolicking in a foundation of water created when she broke the sprinkler. No one at the rescue facility tries to stop her since she appears so unbelievably happy.