Long Island neighborhood gives back to beloved UPS driver who has been delivering to them for 13 years

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Monday, June 29, 2020
Long Island neighborhood gives back to beloved UPS driver
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Gregory Watkins Sr. has been driving for UPS since 1995 and has been on his Smithtown route for over 13 years. The community decided to come together and give back to Watkins with a surprise to celebrate all the great work he has done during the coronavirus pandemic.

SMITHTOWN, New York -- Since the coronavirus pandemic began UPS driver Gregory Watkins Sr. has been picking up extra shifts and working longer hours. Watkins has been driving with UPS since 1995 and now has been on his current route in Smithtown, Long Island for over 13 years.

The community has grown to love Greg, for his kindness towards others and his infectious good attitude, four women in the community decided that it was time to show Watkins the same appreciation in return.

"Greg has always been a part of our community," said Linda Muratore. "We just wanted to do something to say thank you. He always had a smile on his face; he would go out of his way to be extra helpful, carrying heavy packages. Just being the person that he is and knowing him for so long we just wanted to do something to give back."

It was a route like any other day until Watkins received a text from one of his neighbors to come right away for some assistance.

As soon as Watkins turned his truck to head towards where help was needed, he saw a line of cars that filled up the street and a large group holding a sea of signs with his name on it.

"I started driving through and I was just blown away at what was going on," said Watkins. "I just find it amazing that they took the time out to plan this for me. I'm just so humbled by the whole thing, I'm still on cloud nine."

Pictures and videos captured the beautiful moment of Watkins and the community, some of which have circled the internet going viral.

In the video, Watkins is seen pulling into the community with his truck hearing shouts of his name, being presented with signs, and taking a moment to thank everyone for how grateful he is to deliver to them.

"I'm very thankful," said Watkins. "I'm just blessed to know each and every one of them."


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