Furr High School becomes "green school of the community"

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Furr High School made the most of a $10 million grant it received three years ago from XQ Institute.

They work in collaboration with Emerson Collective, which was established and led by Laurene Powell Jobs. A portion of the money that the high school obtained went into creating an environmental justice class which has paid off for the community.

"The school wants to become the green school of the community," said agriculture teacher Manuel Reyes. "What that means is that we want to empower our students to go ahead and take actions for themselves."

Furr High School is not only paving the way when it comes to being one of the most environmental conscious campuses in their community and in the state. Four students have been selected to speak at the San Diego 2020 Global Warming conference.

"This school has motivated me and built me up to this point and California is just another milestone another accolade that we've accomplished," said environmental student Juan Gallegos. "We are not there yet and next month when we arrive, we will make our statement and show who we are."
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