Record setting acrobats open studio in Galveston

GALVESTON -- Rebecca Peache and Donovan Jones hold more than Six Guinness World Records in acrobatic art.

The international performers say they fell in love with Galveston.

"It reminded us of a combination of all the places we've traveled," said Peache.

"It's got the Victorian from London, industrial from New York," said Jones.

They transformed their loft to a studio by adding steel beams to hold their apparatus.

Opening a studio in Galveston cost a fraction of what it would cost in London or New York.

At the studio they work on their craft and offer their studio for events and lessons to others.

Whether someone on a professional track or just learning for fun, they say there is something for everyone

Donovan and Rebecca's love story began two decades ago. Rebecca was a ballerina from London and Donovan was a singer who grew up in Paris. They were working together on a show in New York.

After they got married, they decided they wanted to perform together. They taught themselves and transformed their career to acrobatic performers adding in song and dance.

Their work has taken them from cruise ships to stages in cities around the world. They believe one of their strongest performance assets is their relationship.

They never imagined their journey would lead them to Galveston, but now that they are here they say they want to share it with others.