Michael Jackson's top 5 most iconic live performances

Do you remember the time?
Michael Jackson died five years ago today, but the King of Pop lives on through the captivating performances he gave through the years.

5. Super Bowl XXVII
January 31, 1993

Who else could command the attention of million of viewers for a minute and a half while standing completely still?

4. The 30th Annual Grammy Awards
March 2, 1988

It wasn't the intense lighting and effects and choir that made the performance memorable. It was the way Michael was even more intense.

3. History World Tour

It was his last world tour, and he had perfected every single detail, including his patented (yes, patented) "Smooth Criminal" lean. (It's at 3:47.)

2. Billboard Music Awards
May 18, 2014

Though it got mixed reviews, virtual MJ at this year's Billboards was the most talked about posthumous performance since Tupac.

1. Motown 25th Anniversary
March 25, 1983

The debut of the moonwalk. It's hard to pick a moment Michael became a cultural icon, but if I had to, well, This Is It.
(It's at 3:36).
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