Don Nelson looks back at his "Good Morning Houston" days

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Don Nelson has helped us laugh and smile for nearly 40 years, but he had help during his early days at ABC-13.

Don Nelson and Jan Glenn were Houston's TV couple from 1977 to 1991 thanks to "Good Morning Houston." Now 24 years later, their crazy relationship hasn't changed, but it didn't start as a match made in heaven.

Jan's biggest problem was that the show was called "Good Morning Houston" instead of "Jan Glen's Show." Don also wanted the broadcast called "The Don Nelson Show," leading to five years of "fighting" between the co-hosts.

They would argue and tease each other right up to the second the camera came on.

It was comedy chemistry, a perfect match for all the stars who graced the couch. And that couch say a steady parade of TV anmd Hollywood heavyweights over the years.

What was Don's favorite interview?

"Leslie Nielsen," Glenn said. "He had a whoopee cushion he kept in his pocket, and he would let it rip while you are doing interview."

"He brought us to tears," said Nelson. "Nowhere in my entire life have I laughed so hard for so many different reasons."

From authors to animal handlers to animals having accidents on the set, from self help gurus to cooking segments with chefs, Don and Jan could handle anything.

Well almost anything, like the time a sex therapist explained a certain body part.

"One day we did an interview on the 'G spot'," said Nelson.

Don and Jan loved live TV and loved working with each other. It showed every day.

"He was like my brother," Glenn said.

"Her much older brother," Nelson points out.

Here's for Don Nelson's hair styles over the years:

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