The new teaser trailer for 'Coco' is absolutely breathtaking

This post originally appeared on Oh My Disney and is reprinted with permission.

We're always excited to find out more details about the latest Disney Pixar films, and Coco has been on our radar ever since we heard the first details on the cast and plot. Last year we were also treated to a gorgeous still of the film, featuring the main character Miguel, and last week we got a look at the Coco poster. If those sneak peeks got you excited, you need to prepare yourself for the new teaser trailer that you're about to see. We already know that the plot will revolve around Miguel, voiced by newcomer Anthony Gonzalez, who dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, voiced by Benjamin Bratt. Without further ado, step into the world of Coco:

In this clip we get to see just how Miguel stumbles upon the Land of the Dead, and the beauty that surrounds it. We also get to meet Miguel's idol Ernesto de la Cruz, and Miguel's dog Dante, who is absolutely adorable. Other thoughts we had while watching this trailer from beginning to end:

  • Miguel is adorable!

  • Love the VHS tape labeled "Best of de la Cruz."

  • We're already fans of Ernesto de la Cruz.

  • Favorite quote so far: "I have to sing. I have to play. The music is not just in me. It is me." - Ernesto

  • Where can we find us a cute dog like Dante?

  • It's so sweet when Miguel copies Ernesto's guitar chords.

  • Ah! Miguel hitting that chord and all the flower petals and all the emotions.

  • Miguel is invisible! Oh no!

  • That lady from the Land of the Dead is just as scared of Miguel as he is of her and we love it.

  • THAT BRIDGE. Heart eyes emoji!

  • Oh, Dante. We love you.

  • "This isn't a dream then. You're all really out there." - Miguel

  • Tears of joy. - Us

We used a lot of exclamation points in the above thoughts, and that was necessary to convey our emotions right now. Just by this teaser trailer, we can already tell that the story of Coco is going to be equally breathtaking as it is moving. We absolutely cannot wait to see the story unfold on November 22.

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